When the book was done in 2005 missing parts due to debris in the engraving plate was noted and listed as several examples of errors.
Since then especially in the Georgia coat of arms on the .50 fractional currency has in cases small or large amount of ink is missing.                                                                                                                            All this coat of arms error is now being listed as 13X as missing some engraving. 
In other notes in the future that has this problem such as 19A will also be listed as the number of the note with an X (example 19X)                                                                                                                            

This is a image of  listed 1H that was not available when the book was done. Thanks to Claud Murphy for the help in locating this note.                                                                                                              Thanks to Leonard H. Hartmann for images of this note.                                                                                                                         

Type 1Aa  - Space in Overprint

Type 1Ba - $5 Overprint too low and has a break in the Overprint. "Image Contributed by Clay Barrineau "

Type 1Ca - $5 Overprint is on the back and has a break (space) "Image Contributed by Clay Barrineau "

Type 1I  -    $5 Two seals on the back
           "Image Contributed by Tom Youngblood "

Type 2Aa - $10 Raised Overprint with overprint also on the back

Type 2F - $10 Two seals overlap                         "Image Contributed by Clay Barrineau"                       

Type 3D -  $20 Raised Overprint with engravers imprint                                                     MM

      Type 3E - $20 Serial number was wrong and listed as #106333, hand added to many three's as only 15,000 were printed   

Type 3F - $20 Overprint is too low with full engravers imprint - serial #1410

Type 4E -  $50 Raised Overprint                                                                                       MM

 Type 5D - $100 Red Overprint is to low and into signatures                                           MM

Type 11C - .25 Two Green Tyeasury Seals                                                                        MM

Type  11D - .25 Two Red Treasury Seals                                                                 MM

Type 20Aa - $50 Overprint too high with a break (space) in the Overprint

Type 20Ab - $50 Raised overprint with 2 seals on the back "Image Contributed by Clay Barrineau "

Type 21Fb - $100 Raised Overprint with no seal on the back

Type 22B - .50  Two Green Treasuy Seals

Type 23C - An interesting note that has a dark partial seal with no other portion of the seal showing

Type 31A - $50  Red Fifty Overprint is too low and does not touch Fifty Dollars                MM

Type 38A  -  $50  2 seals on the back

Type 39Ca - $10   2 seals on the back - note has a small n before the 25th                       MM

Type 39D  - $10    2 seals on the back - no small n before on the 25th                              MM